Foley Session 2/SFX recording

In the next two sessions i had in the studio i decided to source as much of the props and items that i needed to record. I realised having a lot more to choose from would help me in creating some more interesting sounds for each foley action. I played again with streamers and logic, and how i could get the best sound quality in the studio.

Foley items

I started off by grabbing items from an all purpose store near the studio, my favourite item being some long cocktail sticks. I read about cellophane and bubble wrap working nicely for fire but decided to try a trick i saw on the ‘soundworks collection’ about foley at disney – strapping together a whole bunch of bamboo strips together and rubbing them – but with these cocktail sticks. That plus the cellophane worked really well.

Though its fantastic to have a studio to use, it is still not completely sound proof having issues with my macbook overheating (Due to outputting streamers to a second display) and causing fan noise, created a smaller booth which was protected from it. It really helped and meant in editing i had to do a lot less noise reduction 😀 it allowed a lot more fluid creativity and play that i lacked last time around. I could try out different combinations quickly and experiment as much as needed.


I started gathering some foley layers for later use. Using a large wooden stick to beat on top of a wooden wine rack, with the cocktail sticks left on top to move helped create of a strong rhythm but allowed the cocktail sticks move slightly. Without giving away any of the film, i wanted to gather some small rhythmic layers that could be added to specific shots. On it’s own it’s quite weedy, but it’s a start.

Foley - Wine rack cocktail sticks

Been as i’m not working with the final cut of the film, these sessions are more SFX recordings that anything. But its been really useful to gather some prop sounds ready to place and edit.

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