Pete Malkin is a London Based Sound Designer for Theatre and Film. A recent graduate of the Central School of Speech and Drama.

Pete is passionate about utilising sound and music within theatre and film to help bring a story into performance. Working as a freelance Sound Designer/Engineer, he is extremely enthusiastic about bringing the highest quality of work in collaborative and creative ways.

Most recent sound work includes, Space Junk (Lyric/Gameshow), Lionboy (Complicité), Hamlet (RSC), Rock Pool (Inspector Sands), Die Zauberflöte (Simon Mcburney, DNO/Complicite), Marguerite (Tabard Theatre), Night Train (Katie Mitchell, Cologne), Opening Ceremony London 2012 Olympics (LOCOG, Assistant Soundscape Designer), The Master and Margarita (Additional Sound design, Complicite), Littlefoot (Mproductions), Macbeth (Linbury space, LAMDA), I dreamt about a Bomb (RSC Studio Workshop)

This Blog started off as a way to keep track of research and the progress I had been making on different projects, I continue to update it with updates about shows I’ve been working on and hope to have a sub page soon for Sound Effects sharing, when time gets on my side!



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